Tests for Higher Standards
for the Common Core State Standards

Grade-Level Tests

Grade Level Tests measure the standards for the grade in question. We have a complete set of pre- and post-tests for Grades K-11 in English and Grades K-8 in Mathematics. Each of the tests has a Classroom Matrix, providing an easy-to-use diagnostic tool that supports a diagnostic/remediation data-driven model for instruction. Each and every item is coded to a specific, individual Common Core standard.


Math ELA
Grade 2 Test Sample
Grade 2 Matrix
Grade 3 Test Sample
Grade 3 Matrix
Grade 8 Test Sample
Grade 8 Matrix
  Grade 2 Reading Test Sample
Grade 2 Matrix
Grade 8 Reading Test Sample

Item Bank

The Item Bank is comprehensive, with a wide range of items of suitable difficulty and rigor. We have items in multiple-choice format for quick assessment, and open-ended format to mimic the items found on Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments. The CD has software for making snapshot and benchmark tests. There are a sufficient number of items for test construction. Moreover, items can be modified to generate additional items if needed.


Math ELA
Grade 1 MD.2
Grade 1 OA.2
Grade 3 NF.2
Grade 3 G.2
Grade 4 Open-Ended
Grade 5 NBT.1
Grade 5 NF.3
Grade 7 Open-Ended
Number and Quantity Open-Ended
High School- Algebra SSE.1
High School- Functions BF.4
High School- Geometry CO.2
Statistics and Probability Open-Ended
  Kindergarten L.K.1.a
Kindergarten SL.K.4
Grade 4 Thomas Jefferson
Grade 4 Land of Nod
Grade 7 Eldorado
Grade 7 The World Series of 1919
Grade 11 Biographical
Grade 11 The Jungle

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