Tests for Higher Standards
in South Carolina

Our Letter for what we plan to offer in SY 15-16

Grade-Level Tests

Grade-Level Tests (sometimes used as pre/post tests) for Grades K-8 in Mathematics, Science, History/Social Studies, and Reading/English/Language Arts are aligned specifically and uniquely to the South Carolina Academic Standards. For high school, we have end-of-course tests for Physical Science, Biology, and United States History and the Constitution. Tests for the high school courses in Mathematics and English will be developed once the State releases blueprints for these subjects. A classroom management system with a class matrix, answer key, and student response sheet is included for each grade and subject. These instructional materials give specific and systematic assessment at each grade level. All of the materials were modeled after Flanagan's materials that are in 80% of Virginia districts. We have found the Virginia Standards of Learning compare favorably with South Carolina Academic Standards. Hence, we believe our experience should be quite beneficial to South Carolina educators. Our materials meet PASS and end-of-course specifications. At this time, many districts and schools throughout South Carolina are presently utilizing our products which are formatted like the SC high stakes tests.

Mini Tests

Mini Tests in Mathematics, Science, History/Social Studies, and Reading/English/Language Arts grades are complete for each grade including high school. These materials allow for ongoing or periodic teacher evaluation of student performance. Each grade level strand and standard is evaluated individually and in depth. Many districts use these tests as benchmarks. There is a built in system for teachers to generate their own classroom, school, or district level tests.

Common Core for Math and ELA

We have produced materials for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English. At this time, we have grade-level tests for grades K-8, and item banks in the form of conventional multiple-choice and open-ended items for all grades and subjects K-high school. More can be found on our Common Core page.

We now have a Common Core Algebra 1 End-of-Course test aligned to the 2014-15 South Carolina blueprints.

Samples of each type of test are available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format in these subject areas:

Mathematics                 Science                 History                 English

Read the TfHS South Carolina User Guide online in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Research on Assessment

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