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Grade-Level Tests

Grade-Level Tests for grades K-11 in Mathematics, Science, History and Social Science, and English (Reading and Writing) are aligned specifically and uniquely to the Virginia SOLs. Included is a classroom management system with a class matrix, time/sequence planner, answer key, and student response sheet for each grade in each content area. These instructional materials give specific and systematic focus as they assess each SOL. They are primarily designed to be given as intact tests. The materials were modeled after Dr. Flanagan's successful Literacy Passport Test (LPT) preparation products. Read the User Guide (available below) for additional information on these tests and how they can be used. These tests may be used to satisfy many of the SOA requirements for reporting and managing in addition to being a primary tool for diagnosis and remediation for all subjects at all grade levels.

Simulation Tests

The Simulation tests provide the student with a means to experience a test that resembles the State tests for grades 3-8 and the high school end-of-course tests. The requirements spelled out in the State tests' blueprints are followed in detail, and the State's reporting categories for the SOLs are used. There are several instructional/diagnostic uses for these tests. Simulation tests at grades 3-8 and high school end-of-course tests in all four content areas are available now. As with all our other tests, our Simulation tests have been revised to comply with the DOE's Teacher's Resource Guide in all subject areas.

*We have a set of Crosswalk Simulation tests in Mathematics for the SY 17-18 school year.*

SAB Item Banks

The item banks exist for all content areas, in grades K-11. The index page for each item bank indicates the number of items available to measure each SOL subcategory for that grade. We have provided a sufficient number of test items to yield a reliable means of determining either satisfactory or unsatisfactory student achievement on an SOL. Our item banks generally contain some 350 to upwards of 500 items per subject per grade, usually some 15-25 plus items, per SOL. This number of items per SOL is higher in some cases, for example, in Chemistry and most of History and Social Science, because the numbers of standards in those areas is small but the coverage of each standard is quite broad.
For a more ongoing diagnostic/remediation approach to instruction, we encourage the development of nine-weeks (six-weeks) Benchmark tests with an accompanying Class Matrix. In conjunction with this practice, we also encourage ongoing, systematic Snapshot testing: 3-5 items on a single page. We have developed software to assist in the development of Benchmark and Snapshot testing.


Samples of each type of test are available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format in these subject areas:

Mathematics                 Science                 History                 English

get adobe acrobat reader Read the TfHS Virginia User Guide online in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

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