Meeting the Challenge

 Federal, state, and local Boards of Education representing the public, along with other professional organizations, have made it clear: students must demonstrate a higher level of proficiency via criterion-referenced tests demanding high order thinking skills, coupled with an appropriate level of rigor and application, to ensure all students are College and Career Ready. In order to better meet the challenge, schools must focus instructional resources so that teachers teach and students learn the content and processes included in the Standards. Students need assessments that will demonstrate mastery of these grade-level standards. We have responded to this need.
The Tests for Higher Standards (TfHS) products for Grades K-12 provide classroom opportunities by connecting classroom instruction and assessment. Our tests are aligned specifically and uniquely to the Common Core State Standards or to the standards of an individual state, like Virginia, which is not a Common Core state. Our tests and items provide ample practice with the required format. All items meet the specifications as required. Our approach is comprehensive and systematic in providing a focus that increases achievement and facilitates remediation through a variety of multiple choice and open-ended items.

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